The Macoupin County Fair and Agricultural Association is an organization that promotes agriculture in Maocoupin County. The Fair was established in 1852 making it the oldest county fair in the State of Illinois. The Fair annually showcases the rewards of an agricultural way of life during the Fair held at the Fairgrounds north of Carlinville, Illinois.

The purpose of the Macoupin County Fair is simple and straightforward:

“The Mission of the Macoupin County Fair and Agricultural Association is  to provide a county fair that showcases the agricultural products and skills of Macoupin County, as well as, providing entertainment for all ages. The Association is committed to maintaining a safe; family friendly environment; at a reasonable cost; offering an educational experience highlighting the agricultural heritage of our county for our youth.”

2017 Director’s & Officers & Appointees

The Director’s of the Macoupin County Fair are the governing body of the Fair and Agricultural Association. They are responsible for planning and executing the annual Fair, maintain the Fairgrounds, and host events throughout the year in support of the Fair’s Mission.


Bennett, Jodi
Brown, Randy
Carty, Sharon
Bennett, Matthew
Carney-Rhodes, Kim
Chapman, Dale
Bouillon, Patty
Carty, Glen
Clagg, Greg
Clagg, Joyce
Dyer, Wally
Griffel, Ed
Davis, Brad
Fones, Alex
Hammann, Robert
Dugger, Mark
Graham, Bradley
Hampton, Heather
Hampton, Matthew
Howard, Susan
Oxley, Brandon
Harms, Brenda
Kaburick, James
Perkins, Joe
Heyen, Bill
Lewis, Joe
Reiher, Quinn
Reiher, Ronnie
Roberts, Whitney
Schwab, Quenton
Releford, Jr., Ron
Rothe, Darrell
Shelton, David
Roberts, Seth
Ruyle, Jared
Starr, Ryan
Stayon, Brad
Thomas, Jerry
Tetzlaff, Janna
Tipps, Travis
Tetzlaff, Larry











Officers & Appointees

President – Brandon Oxley
Vice President – Kim Carney-Rhodes
Secretary – Michelle Owsley
Assistant Secretary – Joyce Clagg
Treasurer – Ron Releford
Clerk – Tammy Easterday

Emergency Response Plans

The Macoupin County Fair and Agricultural Association understand that emergencies happen and in the event that an emergency occurs there are plans in place to guide the response to those emergencies.