Event Sponsor Package

A donation of $500 – $999 qualifies the donor for the following:

  • The donor’s name will be included on the Fair Honor Rill of Sponsors. A billboard that proudly recognizes all of the Macoupin County Fair Sponsors placed on the Macoupin County Fairgrounds during the entire run of the fair and then prominently displayed in the W. W. Bates Exposition Building on the Fairground during the rest of the year.
  • The donor’s name will be listed on the Macoupin County Fair Website and will include a business card type advertisement or logo of your choosing for  the sponsorship year.
  • The donor’s name will be mentioned from the announcers stand at the event of your choice.
  • The donor will receive 2 front gate passes, 2 carnival passes, 2 grandstand or pit passes for the night of your choice.
  • Your banner with logo will be displayed on the Fairgrounds.
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