The Macoupin County Fair offers many opportunities for people to enter exhibits in various departments. Exhibitors will be able to find all exhibit departments on-line.

Macoupin County Fair 2019 Entry Form

Adobe Acrobat Reader – Recommended for viewing and filling out the form.]

All entries must be mailed into the fair office, they cannot be submitted on-line.

NOTE: All documents on this site or at local libraries are guides, the official documentation is located in the Macoupin County Fair Office.

Illinois Livestock Exhibition County Fair Health Requirements

The Macoupin County Fair is making changes to some livestock show rules due to State regulations.  These changes include the times that show animals must be on the fair grounds.  All Beef, Swine, Sheep, and Meat Goats now must be on the grounds for 72 hours.  The 72 hour rules will only affect exhibitors that show livestock.

2019 Rules and Regulations

Macoupin County Fair entry fees are not reimbursed. 

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